white gold interior staining

I seem to remember a this being posted on a quite awhile back, but a search yielded nothing, so…

I have a white gold Bell that had some standing water in it overnight. It left some staining in the interior (IIRC temporary), a whitish, semi-translucent looking stain around the borders of where the standing water was. I’m not sure if is minerals from evaporated water, or some sort of reaction with the resin. As I said, IIRC it is temporary and/or not harmful.

Can anyone please refresh my memory on the subject?

Formula 409
will usually do it. I have this problem commonly on my Bell boats after using them in pool sessions. It works great.

It’s called blushing and it is common

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with Bells white gold and will get worse as it ages especially if it's stored outside. Generally it is harmless but what I just did to clean mine up was to make sure the boat is completely dry by letting it sit in shop for a few days. Then applied a thin coat of Flood Penatrol to the inside of the boat with a soft clean rag. The product has many uses and can be found at or ordered from West Marine. It is a fiberglass re-conditioner. Let dry well before use. http://www.jamestowndistributors.com/userportal/show_product.do?pid=174

thanks for the info, sounds like something I should consider myself, as the boat does indeed seem to ‘blush’ easier these days.

I use to get that 'blushing’
on the inside of my kevlar Caribu years ago. Usually occured after leaving the cockpit cover on over a semi wet, post padling cockpit for a few days after paddling, but it always disappeared after a while on the rack with the cover off.

Co-Rez 5000 Resin
Bell’s blushing was occasioned by the use of C0-Rez 5000, a vinyl ester resin. It was endemic to all Bell models until the resin was dropped.