White Heart canoe company?

Anyone ever heard of White Heart Canoe and Kayak Company supposedly out of Oregon? There is a canoe on FB for sale that the owner claims to be an Old Town and made of Kevlar BUT the serial number begins with WHC which is made by White Heart according to the on-line USCG MFGR codes. Can’t find anything on-line!

Call Old Town
directly on the phone and give them the HIN. They may have the build record or be able to tell you indirectly that the seller is full of BS.

Its also possible that the HIN has been painted over or obscured so that things are tougher to figure out.

Owner not informed!
The seller is actually a recent owner and NOT really educated about canoes. He was TOLD by the previous seller that it was an Old Town and just assumed it to be true. I am sure the Hull ID number is accurate and therefor sure its a White Heart. I just would love to hear if anyone knows ANYTHING about them!

White Heart Canoe Co.
Go to Yahoo.

Type in White Heart Canoe Co.

Press search.

Took me about 45 seconds to find it.


Diidnt you mean CL for craigs list rather than FB?

Kind of interesting
I searched with all kind of combinations using Google and never got a hit. Yahoo got it on first try. Kind of interesting that google did not return anything. If I can not find something in google I need to remember to try a couple of the other search engines.

Maybe the OP had the same result with whatever was his default search engine.


Yeah info is very basic
OK I did try several search engines (but NOT yahoo) so thanks BOB for the heads up. Yeah I DID mean CL, not FB! Well anyway I just was hoping someone with first hand knowledge of their canoes and quality of build might comment here but since they only lasted about 5 years they probably didn’t make many canoes.

White Canoe Company of Old Town Maine

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Hello All,
I also have a fiberglass canoe with the ID number WHC41117M81G
I researched it and it was made by White Canoe Company prior to Old Town buying them out. My canoe was made in December of 1981 and is tough as nails! It has taken us on some great adventures on river and has the scars to prove it. I need to get some new gel coat put on it and restore it a bit but we love it. These canoes were made by 4 guys and are basically hand made. Im proud to have one.
The prefix WHC was later used by White Heart Canoe company