White Kayak?

I located a Sitka ST that I can have the first week of August. (Thanks again for those who guided me to research this boat) :rowing_man:‍♂ it will be a long day trip, but the only way to get one before summers end. Worth it for sure!!

They have two coming in, one white, the other yellow. I was hoping for red. I was told if I really wanted red, they will try to get one added to this shipment for the first week in August …

Two people I spoke with both loved the white. They said it was beautiful and sharp looking…

What do you think of white? To stark? Stick out like a sore thumb? Classy and beautiful?

I need to make a decision by tomorrow morning…
I will be placing the order and paying for it. 9:30am lol. Only two coming in that’s available … 22 are spoken for on that shipment. So I need to buy tomorrow… opinions?


Wow, that’s good news. As to color, here’s a thread that discussed it. Might help you choose.

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I like the white…
Yellow kayaks are like belly buttons… GH ducking

Congrats on finding a Sitka ST!

Can you ask for the red and still have the white if they can’t get it? If not I’d just go for the sure thing! I like yellow kayaks but I’d say pick what you like best… unless it’s going to keep you from getting one at all.

And remember: they are all gonna be beauts!

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LOL, I remember when I got my Samba, which was available only in yellow, and asked here about the color. Was told it would attract wasps and bees. That never happened but dragonflies liked it.

My CD Prana is grey, a color I would never, ever go with if given a choice. That is one problem with buying used.

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The thread Rookie posted is excellent. I have usually gone with yellow or orange. Red disappears in low light. All kayaks disappear in a decent chop. And white anything attracts dirt.

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Rookie, thank you!! That thread was a good read. :sunglasses: you always pull through with very informative guidance! Much appreciated once again. I need you on here!! :blush::blush:

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It sure was a good thread, rookie rocks :sunglasses:

White is a great color and shows up on the water.
Yellow has the best visibility of all at sea.
I had a large white canoe. It was easy for people to see on large rivers a long way away.

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Very important for sure. Where I will paddle 90% of the time is the bay, many motor boats out there… so important to be seen. :blush:


Get a cheaper yellow bladed paddle you can beat up to start then a good carbon later and keep the yellow as a spare.

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Thank you!!! I can switch it only if they weren’t sold. The biggest problem is not seeing them before I buy. They are out of stock everywhere! They put in an order of 24 boats, 22 were sold. Two left which is white or yellow. The red he can try to get one on this next delivery. So if the other two are sold, no switching. I better really make a decision quickly!!

I can give that a try too!! Thank you!! :sunglasses::sunglasses:

I have a yellow Samba, a red Fathom LV, and a grey CD Prana LV. Always wear colorful rashguards (mostly lime green), a brightly colored hat, and my yellow PFD. Even so, I’ve had to raise my paddle at least once while paddling each of those boats to get the attention of oncoming lake lice (jet skis) or powerboats.

While bright colors and paddle flash are helpful, what’s most important on the water is your situational awareness.

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For all of the stated reasons, I put
Reflective tape on my paddle blades.

So if it were me I’d pick either the white or the yellow then. Just look at the pictures on the Eddyline website and choose whichever one you like better! When August rolls around if they can’t get the red you’ll wish you took one of the others.

You have a fleet!! I wear bright colors when I paddle board, my pfd is yellow. Agreed, always be aware of your surroundings for sure. :blush::blush::blush::blush:

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White and yellow are the only two available right now. The red was iffy they could even get one. They really raved about the white… It’s made different than the others… the entire boat is made from the hull material… not sure if that is good or bad :woman_shrugging:t2:

White usually fades less.

Wife’s red valley is now kinda orange. The YELLOW tandem kayak is now kind of pale yellow.

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