White knuckle sot pedal dive $950CAD

Found this used.
I am looking for a used sot for some fishing/fun.
I couldn’t find any reviews on this one.
What are your thoughts?

Thoughts? They need to relax their grip on the paddle if their knuckles are white.

Not much thought put into the company/brand name, I’d say.

I don’t know anything about pedal kayaks, but if the idea is to keep your hands free for fishing, wouldn’t you need a rudder too? I don’t see one on the kayak you linked. Also, I’d imagine the drive system might be prone to damage from hitting things so it might be good to check if you can get spare parts for this brand.

“Includes 1 aluminum and 1 pedal drive…”

What does that mean,?

It is a barge. If you want to go nowhere fast and be very stable, that’s your boat. I also know nothing about that brand but I think it is way over priced.

I looked them up. You can get something similar ,new, at Dick’s or Academy for half that. It will still be a pool toy.

Yes, good points.
I thought about the rudder too.
And who know if you will be able to get part for this thing.
I guess i will skip on this one.

I am just looking for sin or sot kayak that’s about 12foot and that i can fish sometimes from.

Look for something like a Wilderness Systems Pungo. Stable and roomy enough for fishing and fast enough to get you somewhere. Old Town has similar boats as do a couple of others.

If you are looking for used and are patient, you can find some pretty good quality pedal drive kayaks for decent discount. As a kayaker for almost 20 years and a fisherman for longer, I finally picked up a used Hobie (pedal) Revolution 13 this past year for half the retail price and have been super happy with the purchase. The “fisherman” in me should kick the (paddle) “kayaker” side of me for not doing this sooner. If you want to fish with a kayak, nothing beats having hands free while casting, especially on windy days. In a paddle kayak, you make one cast and the wind will send you way past your target spot and you would have to put the fishing rod down and pick up the paddle to get back to the spot. On the very windy days, the only thing you can do really is to troll your lure since you have keep the paddle in your hands to control the kayak, precluding holding the rod and casting. With a pedal drive, you can move and/or control the speed of the drift and cast/reel as you want/need. If you want a kayak primarily to fish, forget about getting a paddle kayak. It’s not as good, except on the calmest of days or you just want to troll a line while paddling around.

If you want to buy new a pedal kayak that has some quality features and relatively less expensive, you may want to check the fairly newly released Pelican. This video does a good comparison of Pelican to a Hobie. It also gives a good discussion of the features that advantage a pedal kayak for fishing.