White Oak River, NC

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Looking at doing a short trip on the White Oak River in eastern NC. Anyone paddle there recently/before?

Considering making it a multi-dayer and continuing out to Hammocks Beach State Park (Bear Island) to camp and spend some time paddling in nearby marshes, creeks, etc.

Just starting to look at this, ideas appreciated.


EDITED to add that I understand that this isn't serious wilderness/expedition kayaking, but thought I'd ask.

White Oak

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Great place to paddle. You will enjoy Bear Island. Call Hammocks Beach St. Park for details about camping on Bear Island. You will need to take all your provisions,there is no store on the island. If you have any questions let me know. Vaughn Fulton

Thanks for the reply

Not having a store is a huge part of the appeal, of course!

Bear Island
A very long,pristine beach,great paddling and almost NO people. What’s not to like. Enjoy your trip. Vaughn Fulton