White River near Sharon VT in June

Hi Everyone,

I’m planning on doing a two day trip down the White River near Sharon, VT in a couple of weeks. I’ve done this section of the river in the past, but not since the hurricane and I’m not sure if the launch and take outs I used are still intact. We have a place to camp off of the river near Sharon, so the plan is to drop in north of Sharon the first day for a full day paddle, take out near downtown Sharon, then do a half day paddle the next day below Sharon. Any info on how the river is running and on good launch sites that we can leave cars at for the day would be great.





I haven’t paddled it since Irene.

We used to use a takeout on river left at the West Hartford bridge.

I think the put-in above Sharon can be
improvised by scouting along the highway. That’s what we did.

I find it hard to imagine that the take out on the left below Hancock Bridge could have been rendered unusable by Irene. There is a lot of bedrock there, and a big, decent eddy, and I’m sure a way to carry the boat up will have been developed by other paddlers.

I did Sharon to Hancock as an easy day trip. I was fortunate to have decent summer water, and that would be my main concern over a summer overnight with camping gear.

I think you
will be fine. The water is real good right now. We have had quite a bit of rain this week. I live in White River. My Dad lives a short walk from the West Hartford Bridge. Pay respects to the poor people in little village of West Hartford. They got hit very very hard by Irene. Numerous homes completely destroyed. Still not close to recovered. Spend some money at the store. Check out the height of the west hartford bridge and image the water up at the level of the bridge deck. What a terrible flood that was.

Thanks everyone. I have some friends in Sharon, so I’ve heard about the hardship first hand. We’ll definitely spread some purchases around the area.