White River Stockbridge to Bethel, VT

Has anybody paddled this section this spring?

I know that Irene wreaked havok there. Not sure what the October snow did.

I’m wondering how it is to paddle now?

No I haven’t but
I have been dying to give it a look. That area was hit very hard by Irene. I have a feeling things will be very different. Don’t rely on existing guide books. Let us know what you find.

Not a lot of water
I paddled the Ottaquechee from Bridgewater to Taftsville about three weeks ago. There wasn’t a lot of water then and the level has fallen quite a bit since. Driving by the White River near White River Junction about a week ago, it seemed very quiet.


I live in WRJ and
yes the water is indeed much lower than normal for this time of year. Or at least so it seems. Here is the gauge:


It’s Good
We ran it on Cinco de Mayo at 5.8 on the USGS gage which is a fine level.

It has changed some. There seems to be more cobble over the ledge and it’s certainly wider in places.

There was one spot above Gaysville that I’d call a II+/III- .

Overall I’d say the character of the river has not changed much. It’s still a nice float.

Pictures from 5/5/12 here.


Thanks for posting that -
I cannot tell you how good it is to hear that the river has not lost its character. I love the white river. I think I’ve probably floated the white more than a hundred times over 35 years and I was sooooo worried that it might have been damaged.

Great pics. We have had quite a bit of rain lately and it looks like it is at a nice medium level.

The lower river on down to White River Junction can be a nice float as well. Not so much white water but still very entertaining and passable at lower levels.

Thanks for the pictures, Tommy. I ran
from Sharon to West Hartford and enjoyed it, though it was easy. I’d been researching the upper miles but the last time we were through there, water levels were low. We usually come through in summer so we don’t expect much.

Sad to say, but
that little village of West Hartford right by the bridge was devastated by the flooding. Numerous homes and the little village library were virtually destroyed.

Planning a trip near Sharon
Hi, Thanks for all the info so far! I was wondering if anyone had an update and some tips. I’m planning a two day trip for late June. There will be a few of us with varied abilities in two person canoes and kayaks (probably 6 people total) All of us have moderate experience. We have a place to camp off river in Sharon and my hope is to drive up river Saturday and float down to the bridge by downtown Sharon. Sunday we’d put in back at the bridge and do a half day trip from there. Anyone have experience in this area since the Hurricane? I’m not sure if the put in I used a few years back is still there. . . any advice on put ins and take outs, plus water level and difficulty, would be greatly appreciated.