White Rock Lake Dallas Cleanup A Success

I didn’t know where to post this, but wanted to give some props to Justin and the folks that instigated this event. There are a lot of us that kayak White Rock Lake in Dallas as it’s right in the middle of Dallas. The creeks that feed into the lake bring in lots of garbage from the residential neighborhoods. It had gotten really bad with fallen trees and such catching all of this garbage. So, Justin just started putting this together and we definitely made a dent. Got press in the Dallas Morning News and others.

Great job Justin. I’m glad I was there to help out a bit.


Excellent,…no Ghost?
Great to hear about people helping restore the damage we do to our waterways. I frequently take my canoe down the Saluda here in SC and fill it with cans, bottles and debris to make a little difference. BTW I grew up a few miles from White Rock Lake and personally witnessed the “lady of the lake” in her wedding dress one night in spring 1980! Scariest moment of my life!

Lady of the Lake
Haha…I have two girls and they’re always on the lookout for the Lady.