White Roylex OT Camper?

-- Last Updated: Jul-30-10 11:52 PM EST --

So I just picked up a near mint 00 OT Camper. Odd thing is that it's WHITE with dark stained wood seats& thwarts. Never saw a white Roylex OT before. Even the OT Catalog from that year makes no mention of this color option for any boat. Anybody ever see a White Roylex OT boat? Wondering just how odd/rare this boat is.

Not the Camper
But I believe the OT H2Pro and/or Cascade came in white at one time. Stands to reason if they had white sheets of royalex during that time, they could have made a few Campers from it. WW

Most of the H2Pros that I have seen were white.

Pretty cool anyway
In todays daylight, it looks more of an off white/cream. Still unique though. Got to go give it a bath (it’s been in storage 9 years) and rub some 303 on.

FWIW, here is a pic.


Ivory OT Penobscot 15
I recently sold an off-white Penobscot 15. Have a look - http://www.flickr.com/photos/bubbapix