White Water Boat for Bigfoot?

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New to this list, but thanks in advance for your help!

I’ve been kayaking my whole life in the ocean and I’m comfortable rolling, navigating etc…but I find myself without a boat and wanting to try white water. I’ve gone a few times before, but was hoping to get my own boat.

Any recs on a used white water boat for a 6’4 200 pounder with size 14 feet?



I’ve got just the boat
You need a typical ww canoe but with a lot of volume. The boat I have for sale is 21 inches deep! It’s only 11 feet long but the volume is greater than longer boats.

E-mail me if your interested.


Wavesport show
Diesel 75 at max paddle weight of 240 lbs. I have sat in one and it looks like plenty of room for those size tootsies.

Super EZ at 280 max paddle weight. I paddle the Big EZ and i would wonder about your foot size here.

Z… Max at 260 lbs. No comment about foot size


GT 8.1 in above your paddle weight. Again no comment about foots size.

See you on the water…

“Bump” The Foot Area

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I don't think your size and weight is out of the range of ww kayaks that are available. Your feet size may be a problem. Folks have been known to "bump" out the foot area by pouring hot water into the bow, letting the plastic soften, emptying and then sticking their footsies in to get the shape they need.

Buy a used kayak so you don't feel bad about doing that.



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claims the 4Fun will accomodate a size 14, and the Super Fun a size 16. Be aware that in the whitewater world, "fit" is very tight by touring-boat standards.


Liquid logic Gus
This is an excellent boat and was made with big feet in mind.


I own both…
the Dagger GT 8.1 and the WS Diesel 75, and knowing how things fit with my 10 1/2’s, I doubt that you would find sufficient space for your 14’s. Good luck!

I agree
Even though the Jackson kayaks look like a “playboat” they are excellent river runners. They are very reasonably priced for a new boat, are made from bomber crosslink plastic, roll like a dream, and are quite forgiving. Jackson has tried very hard to design a modern boat that is user friendly. You can trust his size specifications. I have a friend about your size who recently bought a Super Fun and fits very easily in it.

try these
Here is a short list of discontinued Perception boats. The reason I suggest these is because of their seat and thigh brace set-up. All of these came standard with either the Thighmaster or T2 thigh braces and IR back band. This set-up puts your ankles flat with the outsides down and knees wider than your hips. It sounds uncomfortable, but I swear it’s the most comfortable WW seating position I’ve ever experienced. In this position, it doesn’t matter how long your feet are. There is basically no limit to foot space this way. I’m sure some other brands use a similar set-up (I’m sure that Dagger does); I’m just not familiar with any. I paddled the Madness for 3 years and ways always comfortable. (6’1", 220 lbs, size 12). DO NOT buy a boat in which you have to curl your toes over to fit your feet inside. It’s so uncomfortable; you’ll want to quit WW paddling altogether.

Perception Blaze 7.1 (River-running/play)


Perception Blaze 7.3 (River-running/play)


Perception Java 7.8 (River-running/Creek)


Perception Madness (River-running/play)


Hope this helps,


some of the boats mentioned won’t fit
i assure you. if you want a modern surf type hull i can say that my Pyranha I:3 223 fits me and my feet fairly well. i am 6’5" with 14 feet. my feet are cramped and somewhat uncomfortabe in the boat and eventually go to sleep, but it is the best i’ve found so far. i haven’t sat in the Jackson kayaks or LLogics either however. the i3 is a great boat though, fairly fast and friendly and predictable. i am newish to ww yaking though and i’m not looking to “throw down”. don’t know about you mate, but i ain’t pretty getting into and out of any kayak including my longboat. 37" of leg and it’s simply a bitch working my way into kayaks. fell out twice today on the river trying to get out normally. i can’t do a cowboy rescue cause i can’t get my legs in the boat from sitting in the seat. dam long legs…