white water canoe

Just got a white water canoe from a guy that wants to sell it for $200 I dont know the brand but its 12’6" with air bags knealing seat and knee strap. The boat has no name printed on it. The boats in good condition and green. Rounded bow and stern. The knee strap is a red nylon seat belt like device to hold you in… Do you all think $200 is a good price and what would the value be on one of these?

good deal
assuming no vital damage, you could likely turn around and sell it for 500 or 600 bucks easily, especially if the bags don’t leak

who knows
If the hull is sound and the bags hold air, it is hard to go wrong if you paid only $200.

As to what it is, or what it is worth, no one is going to be able to identify the boat from your description. If you could post some pictures and some more dimensions, someone here might be able to tell you what it is.

Assuming it is a Royalex dedicated solo OC1, if it is exactly 12’ 6" it could conceivably be a Mohawk Viper 12. The Mohawk Shaman was slightly longer at 12’ 7", and the Dagger Impulse and original Mohawk Probe 12 were 12’ 8".

Sounds like it has a Mohawk lap belt

Hard to go wrong for $200, provided it’s not “project”. Pics would be nice, but then again posting them publicly might not be a great idea at that price.

white water canoe
My Rec kayak has more scratches than this canoe it was not used alot maybe 10-20 times. The boat is sound. no cracks, hard lines are not frayed. Im a touring kayaker and this boat is lighter than my 17’6" touring boat. The air bags are yellow and snap in on the floor and up under the bow and stern. Air bags have ver slow leak as in the stay up for more than 12 hours and I can blow them back up with breath easy in a few minutes.

So it’s your boat now?
Post up some pics. Or if you can’t, what’s the serial #?.

Ill get some photos soon. I looked at a Shaman by Hemlock and they look alot alike, Just mine is older.

The Hemlock Shaman is 13’2"

Pblanc was referring to the Mohawk Shaman (same, but different).

What is your boat made out of, plastic?

I found it! It is a Mohawk Prob 12 II photo link is


Thanks guys. You all got me pointed in the right direction.

I’m not sure of the length of the 12 II
Pblanc probably does. Right now I kind of doubt you’d be able to tell the difference between the boat in that pic and a Viper 12 (which is 12’6") without any markings. You may have a Viper 12.

Either way, sounds like you got a good deal.

The Probe 12 (formerly called the Probe 12 II) is 12’2" in length, and has 4.75 inches of rocker.

I owned & paddle one.

The Probe 13 is 12’8" in length, and has 5 inches of rocker. I owned & paddled one, and in fact, it was in the light green color.

The Viper is 12’6" in length, and has 5 inches of rocker.

All are very close in weight.

All were available in the light green color.

Depending on the way that you measure the canoe, the boat you purchased could be any one of the three models listed above; unless the model label is still on the canoe, which makes ID easy.

If you think it would help you, I can send you photos of my Probe 12 and Probe 13, to compare to your canoe.

If the boat is in the condition you described; you got a deal. A new Mohawk thigh strap would have cost about 50 bucks.If you bought 2 new airbags & a thigh strap; you’d probably pay more than what you paid for the boat & outfitting. You may be able to find the source of the air bag leaks & repair them.


The original Probe 12 is now what is called the Probe 13 and is 12’ 8" as Bob says. It is the same boat with a different name.

When Mohawk came out with a little shorter version of the Probe 12, they called it the Probe 12 II. The original Mohawk Viper was 12’ 6" and is now called the Viper 12.

The main difference between the Probes and the Vipers is that the Vipers have a sharper, more square chine.

In a photograph the Probe 12, Probe 13, and Viper 12 will all look pretty similar and might be hard to distinguish from your boat, if your boat is indeed one of those models.

if you have a Viper_12 you’ll know it
A Viper 12 will have some sharp edges so just take a look at the edges of this thing. Rounded or rather sharp = square. Either way…just get out there and paddle the sh.t out of it to get your balance up to snuff! An OC-1 over 11’6" is a BIG boat, but good for a newbie, but if it’s a Viper12…just realize that if you can get relatively confident in that boat…you’ll have a great time in most all other ww canoes(OC-1s).


I’m thinking Viper
Figure the seller tried it, couldn’t figure it out, and ended up scaring himself. Ended up shaking like a leaf every time he saw this boat, haunted him in his sleep…ended up giving it away.

Good deal, maybe a great deal. If it’s hard to handle, find a playspot with a pool below, and have fun on those hot summer days.

Probe or Viper
If it is either a Probe or a Viper, and it floats, it is a good whitewater OC1.

The Viper is a little trickier than the Probe. If that is what it is, you will catch some edges and take some swims, but you will have a lot of fun.

An edgy boat takes some getting used to. You might not bond with it the first or second time out. Don’t give up on it because the edge can really be used to good effect, once you figure it out.

I did get it in the water for a few minutes before I did a 30 mile paddle in my sea kayak. Very edgie. I love it and from bow to stern its 12’6" Its like a ball cut in half on flat water. I cant wait to put it on some white water. Ill start small. thanks guys.

Sounds like fun. I’m jealous of this bargain find!

Easy or no current is good to learn in

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Can be a bit hair-raising at first...the "bell-buoy"/stiff upper-lowerbody posture is what your want to really avoid in a ww_boat. It's just a different level of balancing. Letting one's hips & legs rock & roll with the hull...while proactively keeping the upperbody over the keel-line(or further sometimes), like kayakers do, helps...comes with time on water.
Adjusting the outfitting for comfort and fit can often require heat gun or hair dryer so slowly heat the contact cement used to hold kneepads and/or thighstraps.
The no-pain, no-gain _thing applies to developing ww skils(as if my rusted skills should talk), the more one learns...the bigger the envelope of potential to excitement, without drowning, is created.
Adjust the pedestal to your comfort, but don't jump to rapid conclusions! The higher level one sits at the more unstable the boat will become.

Nice DVD I bought from John Kaz:
"Solo Open Whitewater Canoeing with Tom Foster"

You won’t be able to make this boat go where you want it to in current until you can do so on still water, so practice paddling it in straight lines on flat water first.

To start with, paddle it with the hull level and flat to the water surface. Then try paddling it with the hull heeled toward your paddle side, and finally paddle straight lines with the hull heeled away from your paddle side.

When you can go straight on flat water, try carving some circles and figure eights using some heel to engage the chine and get a feel for how it can be used to control your turns.

After doing this take it to some moving water and you will have a better experience.