White water kayak for Large Paddler

I only have my phone to access the internet so searching every brand and model is a real pain.

I am 6’1 265lbs is there a model out there buoyant enough to float myself, my gear, and still handle?

I have looked at a few sites but most are for smaller paddlers.

Looking for River Runner or WW yak either will do.


Eric G

I have a friend your size …
He bought a Pyrahna Everest last year for whitewater river trips, really likes it.

MegaRocker, SuperFun

Above recommendations are all good
and I don’t have any other suggestions. The MegaRocker is kind of porky, but has no handling vices. The largest Fun will challenge you, but may develop your skills farther. The Everest is good for creeking and for heavy water.

Actually you might also look at the largest size Pyranha Karnali. Reputed to be a good handler and friendly to newbies.

Remix 79? by Liquid logic maybe

Remix 79
Definitely check out the Remix 79; as well as the Everest, large Burn, Nomad, SuperHero, Grand Jefe. Some of these (Everest, Burn) are straight up creek boats and others like the Remix & SuperHero are river running creekers.

I ended up with the Remix; but I would probably be happy with any of them. The outfitting on the Remix is why I chose it.

prijon chopper

Frog-legged vs. not
Do spend some time in each. The Jackson boats have you sitting in a rather frog-legged position that my legs can’t tolerate for too long. The Pyranha Karnally or the Liquid logic Remix 79 and others allow for your knees to be closer together. No need to suffer from twisted legs in such long boats, IMO as there is enough length to have a more natural position for those of us who are not natural-born contortionists.

wavesport diesel 80
for 09 they have come out with an 80. i have a diesel 75 and i think the 80 would be a perfect boat for ya.


opposite feel
I find it easier to sit up and bend forward with my knees out.

If we were all alike it’d be a dull world.

That’s why it’s good there are so many
choices for the OP’r, because he can get in each one and test the seat position, outfitting and feel on the river and make a choice. Fun stuff, Maynard.


or…“cough"you get an open boat aka oc-1 aka canoe, size and gear would be much less of an issue"cough”