white water photography

in reguards to the new jersey area are there any great places to photograph white water kayaking?places with nice drops & good action?

WW in NJ???
There ain’t none! (Not much anyway).

There are a few steep creeks like the Wikeoke (sp), that rarely run.

In Pa, close to the Jersey border, you’ve got the Tohickon, the Brodhead, and the Shohola (but the Sho is tough to access if you’re not paddling it).

Your best bet reasonably close to Jersey is the Bulls Bridge section of the Housatonic, in CT. There’s a Cl 4 and a Cl 5 rapid right next to the road, and it runs pretty frequently.

here’s some shots

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at Bulls Bridge.http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/mattmccay@sbcglobal.net/album?.dir=ec2a&.src=ph&store=&prodid=&.done=http%3a//photos.yahoo.com/ph//my_photos copy and paste the whole url not just what's highlighted.

The Lehigh
The Lehigh river in PA isn’t that far from Jersey and should have more than enought photo opportunities due to its heavy use during releases.

WW in NJ
There is a short, but excellent stretch of whitewater on the Rockaway River between Boonton Falls in Boonton and the Jersey City Reservoir. Class III and even IV in times of heavy flow.

Putting in and taking out are problematic and you can’t paddle on the reservoir, but if you are able to get your boat in there, it is an exciting stretch.

Edward Gertler’s Garden State Canoeing guide details this section.

try asking boatertalk
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but if that doesn’t work, come on out to BC. Lots of great photo ops of me here.

Rockaway River Whitewater
I was browsing through the posts, and came across this one about the Rockaway River in Boonton and just had to comment. I have lived here for some 40 years now, and paddle the Rockaway often, but ONLY above the falls in town.

It is actually illegal to put in below the falls in the park in town center. The police will arrest you without question if you’re found with good reason. Drownings.

Some may have read in a local paper recently about a father and son that were stranded on a couple of rocks in the middle of the river after attempting this. One of their kayaks was lost to the reservoir downstream, but they’re lucky to be alive. Be smart, and be safe. It’s a beautiful place to walk along, and even fish, but do not paddle there.

Enjoy the rest of the summer!!!