Whitesell Solo Canoe

Anyone have any information regarding these boats? There is a used 14’6" solo for sale in my area for $775. I’m curious as to their reputation.

whitesell boats
Never paddled one, but word on the river is that they were a heavy tough boat designed for BIG whitewater.

To my knowledge they are no longer in production. Still see plenty of them on the rivers though.


I bet its the Pyranha
If it is I have the same boat–but with the Mohawk name of Scamp(14’3"). It’s a big whitewater boat, large volume but turns pretty quick, lots of rocker. If you are a small person, it might not be the boat for you.

Here is a piece on the Scamp.


scroll down to see the scamp.

Not your typical Whitesell
If that’s the one on NPMB it’s reported to be a composite boat.

All the Whitesells I’ve seen or heard of are royalex.

Typicaly big, wide(by modern OC1 standards) boats designed for big water.

You might ask on C-Boats. Somebody there may know of this.

Kevlar Whitesell
Wha Ho, Pigrim;

De seller be a friend of mine an’ ah’ paddled dat boat a few times. Old school WW solo but dat be good in me opinoon. Bigger kevlar solo but handles very well. If ah’ didn’t jus’ git a Mohawk Probe last year ah’d probably buy dat one…

Fat Elmo

Good boat for their time, then other
ones became more popular for various reasons. When i think of them, the word wide comes to mind.

ancient and very old school!
and i would pay maybe 400 bucks if it was in great shape.

having said that, it is a huge, but fun boat, great for flatwater drill practice, learning or running rivers in without worrying about playboating too much.

sniff, gee with all this, i’m recalling good times in that old boat… and it was old when i had it 10yrs ago!

Yeah FatElmo, it probably is someone you know. I saw the listing up on the board in Campmor. I was asking mostly out of curiousity since I hadn’t ever heard of Whitesell before. Knowing what I know now, it’s certainly not the boat for me. But good to know!

I saw that same add at Campmor
seems like there’s alot of NY/NJers here.

Go over to cboats.net and do a search for “Whitesell”- you’ll get some threads that discussed whitesell boats.

If its a 14-footer, it’s a Piranha. From the info over at cboats, it looks like it was designed as a WW tandem, but lots of folks also used it as a big-water solo. Probably a good boat for solo WW tripping.

No mention of it coming in anything but royalex, though.