Whitewater boat suggestions please.

I have a friend , not me, who is interested in taking up WW kayaking - at 55 ! He is 6’3" tall, 170 lb. , 32" inseam. Any boat suggestions would be appreciated.

I tried to steer him toward a WW canoe, but he thinks he wants a kayak.

What kind?
Play boat, River Runner, Creeker? Hard to tell sometimes from the start so its a good idea to get a used, more all-around type boat. Classes are a great idea also.

On the used market
I recommend a Booster 60, Dagger GT, or an Inazone 240. All are quite forgiving (edges are not problematic) and are excellent river runners. All are comparatively easy to roll. The Booster is more playful. It should be easy to find one of them and for someone just starting out it doesn’t much matter which one. Harder to find used since they are newer but just as good are the Liquid Logic Hoss or the Wave Sport Diesel 7.5.

class first
Send him off to a class before he buys a boat. Someplace like NOC will get him off to a good start and have a gazillion boats for him to try.


Thanks . River running on the Chatooga
is what he has in mind.

He should be able to handle …
Section 2 after some lessons and going the first time or two with an experienced paddler. But, as said below, the lessons are very important.

How about:
Pyranha I:3 or I:4, Wavesport Big EZ, Bliss Stick - Flip Stick, These are also some excellent river runners with play ability.

WW Canoe/Kayak
Go to the Arkansas Canoe Club site… they live for WW and have a very active board…