Whitewater Canoe Paddles

What type of paddle do you use for whitewater paddling? I’m looking for a good, relatively inexpensive paddle for this season. I’m looking to upgrade from a Mohawk Paddle but not really sure I want to spend $200+ on a Mitchell Carbon Fiber number…

3 I have …

– Last Updated: Mar-16-04 9:40 AM EST –

Grey Owl Hammerhead (wood) 29 oz.
Current price: unknown (guess $95.00?)

Werner Nantahala (fiberglass) 26 oz.
$125.00 (Got mine used/new cond.for $70.00)

Werner Rec. (fiberglass) (Used to be called the Point) 28 oz.
$80.00 Bought is when it was $60.00.

The Rec./Point is a little heavy, but I have used it for 10 years & found it to be virtually indestructible. Am changing over to the Nantahala full time; keeping the Rec. as my backup. I think the Nantahala will handle the abuse just as well at the Rec., and it's a little lighter.

Like the oval shafts & t-grips on both the
Nantahala & the Rec.

The Hammerhead is a beautiful paddle, but haven't used it much & don't know how it will hold up to abuse. It is the heaviest of the 3.


ww paddle
Save your pennies & get a Mitchel Premier Curved Blade (all wood is slightly cheaper.) Check their website for discountd paddles. I had wanted one since I started canoeing in 1979. Finally got my first one 10 years ago & have been estatic since.

I was always happy
with my Perception Harmony paddle

You’ll never regret buying the best
The Mitchell Premier is incredible! It’s not cheap & doesn’t feel like it’s cheap. I have the wood shaft, carbon covered curved blade. The wood shaft feels better than the carbon to me. Mitchell puts an aluminum insert at the tip & fiberglass rope edges on the blade so you can bang it on rocks & kayakers without hurting your paddle.


Grey Owl Hammerhead
The Grey Owl is a decent paddle. I have cracked mine and fixed it with epoxy. It’s been a good paddle. The blade is smallish, and relying on one big stroke for your must make pry is not always doable. It works best with a short quick cadence. Nice overall paddle.

Been paddling a Silver Creek for several years now. I like it better than the Grey Owl, though the price is quite abit higher too. I was lucky and picked mine up off of the classifieds here for $70.


I’m heading up there to the shop on Friday to look at the Cruiser and their blems. I’m in need of a new bentshaft as my last one broke and I’m still needing to send it back to the factory for a replacement. I’ll scope out the prices on blems if you let me know what you’re looking for and if they have anything available.


Bending Branches
The Expedition is durable, and has a decent grip, it is less than $100.