Whitewater canoe?

What are some good whitewater canoes? I'm aware of the products that esquif makes, and the Outrage by Mad River. Do any of you have experience with these? And are there other ww canoes that you would suggest?

Bell, Pyranha
Bell sells the Prodigy, Ocoee, and Nexus. Pyranha sells the Prelude.

Too see one facet of the cutting edge,

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go to:


Extremely light composite open boats with a good reputation for quality and durability.

I have an M.E.

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back from when Mad River sold them in Royalex. Its rigged as a solo and you could not ask for a better river runner, but being long has it has its disadantages in small creeks.
I would be afraid to shell out for a composite one from Millbrook(only way they come now)for fear of destroying it.

I’ve been paddling composites so
much that I am instinctively careful. My 10 year old Royalex MR Synergy is only now beginning to wear through the vinyl under the solo saddle. My three c-1s are all composite, and have never been seriously broken.

What’s your skill level?
The MR outrage and Mohawk Shaman are good boats for starting out in WW, but you won’t outgrow them anytime soon.

More advanced paddlers might consider the Bell Ocoee or Esquif Zoom.

Lot’s of good esquif boats, though I personally don’t care for their “double chined” boats (i.e., the Nitro).

Esquif’s Twintex…
Zephyr. Haven’t paddled it a whole lot, thumb in rehab, but I love it so far…haven’t done Class III+ yet though…32lbs!

Here’s 3…
3 I’ve owned & paddled:

Mad River Outrage X (good one for the larger paddler) If you’re normal sized, go with the Outrage.

Mohawk Probe 12

Mohawk Probe 12 II

Any of those 3 could be used by a beginner, and continue to be used as they progressed up to class 3 plus.


P.S. Another nice boat that can be used as a solo for a “big ole boy” is the Dagger Caption.

Makes a nice, responsive tandem too.