Whitewater Eye Protection?

So what does everyone use for eye protection when doing whitewater? I’m looking for a dedicated option to use instead of my regular sunglasses, preferably something that combines UV and impact resistance with at least some ability to keep water out of my eyes (but want to avoid the vision distortion of using swim goggles as sunglasses for an activity where I’ll be out of the water most of the time).

Bonus points for polarization and amber or similar tinted lenses.

eye protection
I don’t like googles, so I just buy amber tinted sunglasses at the dollar store. Lose them, who cares, they’re a buck. I keep a few pair in my van / kayak bag for back ups. Want polarized, might have to spend $5. Curious to see what others are doing.

Cheap polarizing sunglasses
Impact resistance? I’ve seen full face helmets and face guards on helmets, but that is more about protecting the mouth and teeth than the eyes.

The same
if I use anything. Unless there is a lot of glare on the water or I am paddling directly into the sun late in the afternoon, I see better with nothing.

On some creeks and tight streams it is possible to get swiped across the face with a tree branch and a pair of clear lenses like mountain bikers use might be of value.

Water will, of course, get on the lenses and can obstruct vision a bit.

My suggestion for anyone who does not want to get water in their eyes is to not paddle whitewater.

Nothing special or safety glasses
I always used the same sunglasses paddling whitewater as I did in terrestrial life.

Today, I might use inexpensive outdoor safety glasses, which you can even get as bifocals. I have a clear and a sun glass pair of bifocals for when I work with machetes, axes and chainsaws.


Safety glasses

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Same glasses I use if I'm using mowers, bench grinder, sanders, chainsawing, or motorcycling.

Pete made a good point.
Bottom line; sunglasses aren't going to keep water out of you're eyes if you're doing "real" whitewater.