Whitewater/Flat Water Kayak

I am looking for a multi-purpose kayak – one that can be used in whitewater and flat river waters. Any suggestions?


Prijon Yukon Expedition…
…is, in my opinion, probably the best all round

boat you’re going to find.

At least in terms of multi-purpose.


Have a friend with one
She’s got an older and well abused Prijon Yukon in which she has done lesser WW as well as day touring, an overnight here and there. The boat is a great compromise, tough as nails. The only thing that she found was that, for longer day paddles on flat water, a tracking device would have been useful.

But then she bought a Chatham 18, so she never installed one.

Having paddled with her in it, I’d say that its camping capacity was along the backpacker style of compactness for multi-day camping. But then, I can fill a 17 plus foot boat to its brim for an overnight - I am not an efficient camper.

here are a couple options
the yukon was already mentioned from prijon but what about the combi.

Then there is a couple from riot/sun. The velocity from sun and the voyager from riot.

Or there are a ton of sots that can handle class II fine and be ok on the flats.

I would be a little hesitant to take a touring sink on some class 2 - especially a longer model and a small waterway with some small drops. And it doesn’t lend itself to quick turning that is required on some small boney class 2 stuff.

But if it were bigger water class 2 then you shouldn’t have much of a problem.

Forgot to mention: what about a canoe? There are a ton of designs that can handle 2 small 3 and still be pretty good on the flats.

Blackwater (Dagger)
My husband and I just tried out our Blackwater 11.5’s on some class I/II water (Wolf River in WI) and found them to be just fine. We met another person who said she uses her Blackwater 11.5 for weekend trips all the time. It has good secondary stability, which means you can lean it to turn, and it has a skeg that can be lowered for lakes.

Choose your poison.
Do you want to put up with a lot of effort on the flat water (good exercise!) and a good experience on the rapids, or vice versa. An old school WW kayak will handle the rapids well and be marginal in longer flatwater. A shorter touring yak will be great on the flats but difficult (dangerous?) in class II.

Here is a short list…
As long as you’re looking at class I or II whitewater, these all should work.

Prijon Yukon Expd.


Perception Enduro 12.5


Perception Acadia 12.5


Riot Stealth


Riot Voyager


Dagger Blackwater 12.5


Hope this helps,


used Looksha Sport
Very maneuverable for its length, and good stability on edge – with the semi-hard chine you can park it on its side.