Whitewater forum/resource

Hi. I am updating our club’s links page and am looking to include a resource more focused on whitewater paddling. (paddling.com of course is already there.) Ideas?

Not sure where you are located, so don’t know if any of these will help. But California Kayaker Magazine has some resources on their web site (mostly California related) at http://calkayakermag.com/resources.html

I am in Eastern PA. I saw boatertalk referred to somewhere.

Cboats is another one

Thank you.

ww paddling tends to be somewhat regional-

boatertalk primarily caters to south eastern us, but a lot of good discussion, outfitting tips,

mountain buzz- the rockies, covers more than paddling

northeast paddlers message board- new england tripping, poling, ww, creeking

lots of strong club message boards- wvwa (west virginia), kentucky bluegrass paddlers, monocacy canoe club to name a few, if you check their links you’ll have a whole host of websites to checkout
here’s an example


don’t forget american ww, especially their us state by state river map- where you can link to stream info and current levels


much of the younger generation is using facebook, or yahoo groups for their paddling connections

Thanks, tdaniel. Your list will be useful for anyone searching pcom for this info.