Whitewater kayak for short woman?

I’m relatively new to whitewater kayaking and am thinking about buying my own.

I am a 5’1" woman and the Dagger RPM I’ve been learning on doesn’t seem to allow me to get my legs braced up against the sides enough. (I’ve tried to adjust it to no avail).

Does anyone have a suggestion for a whitewater kayak for a short beginner?

You’re in luck – most of the manufacturers make boats in a range of sizes now, unlike the RPM’s time when it was pretty much “one size fits all”. I don’t know about short as opposed to small – you’ll still have to test-sit – but some of the small boats that come to mind include the Liquidlogic Trigger, Jackson 2Fun, Dagger GT 7.5, and Pyranha i:3 221

Jackson Kayaks

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Eric Jackson's kayaks come in a whole range of sizes from those that fit little kids to those for big men. They are relatively forgiving river running playboats that so far have received good reviews. If possible you should certainly try one. To see them go to http://www.jacksonkayak.com.

Blitz Special
My wife is about your size and loves the fit of the Blitz Special. Might be worth a try.

See you on the water,



Liquid logic Trigger
Made specifically for short ladies. (and men too I guess) My 4’11" wife has one and it fits her well.