Whitewater Kayak w/out Frog Leg Seating?

Strange question maybe…my girlfriend is getting into whitewater kayaking. she paddled my Jackson 4Fun and Wavesport Diesel; however, she can’t really tolerate either boat because of the splayed out frogleg position which hurts her hips. She is fine in a sea kayak though which has a less agressive position. It’s not a matter of the boat being too small…just that the frog leg position is not suitable for her.

Does anyone know of any whitewater kayaks that don’t have such an agressive frogleg position? Could be a river runner or free running boat.

Ulitmately I need to get her to a dealer to try some one, but just want to get some direction.



Look for an older boat like an RPM
Or more recent boats that are not so short and just move the foot plate forward and do your own outfitting for thigh braces.

older boats
As seadart suggested, older whitewater designs do not require the hips to be as abducted and externally rotated nor the knees and hips to be quite as flexed.

Most any boat from the mid 1990s or earlier might be a suitable candidate.

First, it takes a little time to acclimate to the smaller WW kayaks. You want a snug fit and most folks are comfortable once they get a boat that is the right size with the right outfitting. She may need the seat moved and she may need some support foam installed.

She may just need a smaller boat – is she in the middle of the weight range for the 4-Fun? If she’s at the low end, she will probably be more comfortable in the smaller size.

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Seems like more people are remembering that those older-style, longer boats have some advantages! I have a really responsive Dagger Crossfire that I will be selling soon here in NoVa. It seems like the right vintage. Snug, but less extreme a position to hold.

That’s a tough one to find.

Since I’m small, I bought a Jackson Sidekick (22.25" beam). Not too bad a frogleg in that one. The Liquid Logic Remix 47 is even narrower (21.5", I think), but it’s also lower volume and its seat had two pressure points at my hips. If your GF is small and light enough, have her try these two.

Another very small WW boat is the Dagger Axiom 6.9. I sat in one in the shop recently and wished it had been made a few years ago. The deck is lower than the Sidekick’s. I would have to remove the footpegs, though. Even my legs are a bit too long for the last peg position in it.

try others
Was the Diesel too big for her? I would think the leg position on that would be significantly less spread than the 4Fun, but if the boat was too wide, that would explain it.

I hate to say this ( I paddle Jackson boats 90% of the time) but try anything BUT the Jackson boats, they have probably the most leg spread outitting of all the modern boats and for some people this just doesn’t work, so try others and see what works for her.