Whitewater kayaking instruction (novice)

Hi all. I’d like to get some decent whitewater kayaking skills through a multiday course. I have a good deal of class I canoeing and sea kayaking experience and a couple days of whitewater kayaking experience about 8 years ago. I would say I’m a novice.

I’ve been drooling over the 3- or 5-day course at Nantahala, and just discovered the less expensive courses at Zoar Outdoor.

Would anyone highly recommend either one of those, or something else?

I live in Fort Lee, NJ (just outside of NYC) and cost is definitely a consideration, so somewhere driveable (up to, say, 12 hours?) would be a plus.

I know there are school listings on this site; I would like your personal experiences.

Thank you!

Everyone who goes to NOC for instruction swears by it. I always hear that it was a turning point. that is all you can ask from instruction.

Good Luck. You are gonna love this WW thing.

Jay (WW Junkie)

Zoar Outdoors
Talk to Janet Cowrie

Charlemont, MA.


See you on the water,



Hyde Park, NY

I’ve taken classes at both
and my whitewater skills still suck! Not their fault, tho, they are both excellent schools with excellent rivers to learn on. At one time I was a pretty decent whitewater paddler, thanks in large part to both NOC and Zoar…my skills have simply atrophied from less use.