Whitewater Kayaking Study of Motivation

Greetings Fellow Paddlers,

My name is Jon Evans and I am a Graduate Student at Clemson University studying the motivations of whitewater kayakers. I am inviting you to participate in this research to identify the motivations of paddlers and its affect on participation. The survey should take about 10 minutes to complete.

The purpose of this study is to measure basic needs, identify the motivations of whitewater kayakers and determine if those motivations impact paddler’s participation in the sport of whitewater kayaking. Motivations of whitewater kayakers are mostly assumed since no studies have been conducted assessing needs and their correlation to motivation.

The importance of the study may include, but is not limited to, providing insight for the “why” aspect of paddling, assist in discussions where policy makers are concerned regarding stereotypes of paddlers, and in the development of programs or trainings for instructors.

If you would like to participate in this research please follow the link provided below.



Just took it, and now
I’m all worn out!

Jack L

I took it out of curiosity
And I thought it was a dumb survey. It was clearly written by someone who does not WW paddle, or at least is not an active member of the WW paddling community. And I say this as someone who is a sociologist and survey researcher. They need to learn more before they ask questions.

You should know better
The guys profile says he is an advanced paddler. I emailed him after completing the survey and the theoretical framework makes sense. You claim to be a researcher yet you make assumptions without fact. As a sociologist you should recognize the first page of questions, and if not, then maybe your credentials become questionable.

Why didn’t you stop taking it when you
were half way through it if you thought it was dumb?

I thought the last half was kind of interesting.

Jack L

Good Survey
You are looking into many of the things I commonly ask myself. The sport and the people that do it make an interesting study.

Thanks and good luck

I’ll be heading to a WW river in another

Five of us will be doing a 12 mile section.

I think it will be interesting to go over the questions again tonight. Just to see if I my answers all were close to my way of thinking.

The big difference is I’ll be in a tandem Penobscot canoe, so some of the questions won’t be relevant.

Jack L

Have Fun
Have fun and be safe Jack. We are heading to the Ocoee for a few days. Hope I fit into the crowd and meet their expectations.


What? No questions about adrenalin?
Seems a big part of the attraction for many was left out of the survey. I guess it’s designed to be used for interest group advocacy.

Good point !
I had more than several rushes and "oh sh–ts when I picked the wrong line today and ended up doing some strong ruddering and sweeping.

Never the less it was a blast with the river running high and fast

Jack L

That’s a good day
If you don’t have a “woopsie” you’re cheating yourself