Whitewater kayaks for tall people

Hey everybody, I’m 6’8" and I weigh 195 lbs. I’d like to find a whitewater kayak that has a good amount of leg room and that could handle some pretty rough waters. I’m tired of searching craigslist only to waste time and gas money to find out the yak is too small. ANY advice is much appreciated!

my search
I began searching for a WW playboat last year after years of sea kayaking. I am 6’2" 220 lbs. All of the boats in my local WW club were medium to small size.

Finally I found one tall club member with a Dagger Project X 64 (the largest of the three sizes). This model was discontinued and replaced by the Möbius 65. I tested his and soon after bought my own. Definitely enough leg room for me, not sure it would be enough for you. The other option I was looking at was the Jackson AllStar and Monstar. The latter might fit you.

The taller you are, the more likely I think you would need a longer creek boat rather than the playboats which are always the shortest design.

so length is your issue
I’d get on the boatertalk forum for that answer. Should be someone on that site with firsthand experience your size. You might also want to include your shoe size since that can be a critical element. List your experience level so you don’t end up with an overly aggressive boat. You also might try contacting the ww kayak manufacturers directly and see what they recommend. At 5’10" and 225 I’m not much help.

Foot size?

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I am "only" 6'4" at 190lb and can't fit even barefoot in *any* playboat (including the Project X 64). OK, I do fit barefoot in the Jackson MonStar, but that's not really a playboat at our weight. The fit issue is mainly because of my size 15 feet. If I was a size 10 or 12 my guess is I would fit in the X and some other playboats.

That said, I fit even with paddling shoes in several river runners: LL Remix and Stinger, Dagger Axiom 8 and 9, Jackson Zen 75 (the latest one I hear has even more foot room, and as with every Jackson boat is sooo much better than the older model :), though it might actually be true this time), Pyranha Burn, WS Fuse 64, etc... These all can handle rough water if you can.

local paddle shop?
If it is a challenge to find, and you are spending a lot of time and money trying to find, you may want to go to a local paddle shop and buy new. May be cheaper in the long run.

Or go and take lessons, which along with the education benefit also give you chances to try out boats they have that fit you. Then see if you can find the one you like for sale on CL.

I canoe, and at 6’2" 210, feel “petite” by a friend who runs cl.3/light 4 in a SOT. Don’t forget the thigh straps!


tall guy ww boats

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I am 6'5" with size 15 feet, and I am 230 lbs. My ww fleet is a Monstar (barefeet), Jackson Villain, Karma, Superfun, and Rogue 10 (all with shoes) I can fit in a LL Freeride 67 but the boat was very low in the water at my weight. I can also fit in the Remix 79, and the Jackson Superhero. I think your best option is probably the Jackson Superfun. Lots of footroom, very playful, and very easy to roll. If you are just starting ww, probably the best fit and most comfortable introduction would be one of the 10 foot crossover boats (Rogue, Ethos/Katana, Fusion, Remix XP9). All have good points, and less desirable qualities.