Whitewater Paddle Length???????


I am mostly a seakayaker, but do some whitewater. I am getting a new paddle and trying to decide on what length to get.

I am 5’8, do strictly river running, and have a Pyranah H2. With my seakayak I paddle a 210 (prefer a high angle stroke)

What do you think is the “right” paddle length for me? I know it is mostly personal preference etc, but my lack of whitewater experience makes it such that I don’t have enough experience to have really developed an “informed” preference.

thanks for your help


I paddle a 194 and it seems about right for me. I am 5’10". That is a common length for WW paddlers. You might want to try a 192, especially if your arms are short.

2nd the short…
I also have a 194, I’m 6’3. The deeper the paddle, the more rocks it hits.

Touring 208, WW 194

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I'm 5'7" and I also use a high-angle touring stroke with a big, fat blade.

I’m also short
and I bought a 194 cm paddle. Seems fine to me, might go shorter in the future, but for now it seems great.

to echo the above posts
I’m 5’8" and I use a 194. I may go down to 192 in the future but for now I’m happy with the way the 194 performs.