Whitewater paddle

I just bought a liquid Logic XP9. Now, what kind of paddle do I get. I am 5’ tall. I have only been paddeling for 3 years. I ha be an Ellie Strait. The xp is my first whitewater kayak. I can do a wet exit and the Eskimo roll. Pathans for the help.


You know about low angle and high angle
paddling? Have you been paddling low angle in your Elie Strait? That is, with the paddle moving in a more horizontal arc, and with paddle blades that are long and narrow?

Or have you been paddling high angle, with a shorter paddle having wider, shorter blades? In high angle, the shaft will be roughly 45 degrees or a bit more to the water surface during the stroke.

Whitewater kayaks are paddled high angle, period. At your height, you may be using as short as a 190 cm paddle, with short, wide blades. Look at the Werners and ATs. I’m very tall and use a paddle over 200 cm. Preference in ww paddles seems to go toward shorter paddles these days, and also less feather, certainly below 60 degrees and maybe 45, 30, or even zero. Just choose whatever gives you the best transition from your touring kayak paddle.

Others will have different suggestions, but your best help may come at a local dealership where staff are experienced ww paddlers.

I am a few inches taller and use a 191cm Werner Sherpa. Would not want anything longer. Before I bought that paddle I rented a couple longer ones and they were definitely unwieldy. You might want to try 188cm as well.

WW Paddle
Aqua Bound Shred, Hybrid is sweet or Carbon is awesome - you won’t be dissapointed.


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H2O for whitewater
Love mine, my husband tried it and got one for himself. Solid paddles in use and hard wearing, and they have the only bent shaft paddle I have ever tried that felt like they got it right.

for a playboat i’d go with a 188 at your size, but for the boat you have i’d go with a 191.

i’ve used AT, Werner, and Accent paddles. They are all a little different and have different feels. I like the feel of the AT shaft the best, but have been using Werner paddles for the last few years because I know I can depend on their durability, and breaking a shaft in the middle of a remote trip is not something I like to deal with. The other thing with Werner is that they tend to be stronger than others i’ve used and last longer, but the blades wear down. I have a 197 that is closer to a 194 now due to the wear on the ends.

Agreed the lightest shred is good
place to start for WW paddle.

Thanks for all the help! I bought a Sherpa…now, I need someone who has bought a Eddyline Samba to talk about the foot pedals…julie2jeep? She is my height and loves hers?..


I have a Samba. What info do you need about the foot braces?