Whitewater paddles for sea kayaking?

Has anyone used a longer than usual down tilt WW paddle (like a Werner Player) for sea kayaking? I’m looking for something to play with in rough water/rock gardening, but was wondering if the down-tilt blades might be funky to paddle with for long distances.

I considered this.
I have a high angle stroke from a lot of WW paddling and prefer a shorter paddle. I also seem naturally to prefer a slower paddle stroke. But my experiments with paddling my sea kayak with a WW paddle convinced me I didn’t want to do that for longer distances. It was sort of like peddling my bike all the time in the highest gear available. You can do it for a while but it isn’t very efficient and it is tiring and can lead to injury. Instead, I bought a touring paddle with a larger but efficient blade.

Yup. WW Paddle If I Am

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not on a long touring paddle and idea is to get out there to play. What I do most of the time these days.

If you go a longer distance, you can still slow down the cadence. You don't have to sprint like you were trying to catch a wave or attain an upriver eddy.

The compromise with a shorter paddle with a longer boat is when you need to do turns of 90 degrees or more. The ww paddle provides a shorter leverage point. Can be compensated for my really committing to the edge turn and sliding the hands down the shaft to get more length.


I carry one with me
I have a high angle touring paddle and a ww paddle and carry them with me. The activity I am doing determines which one is the spare paddle.