whitewater tour of Georgia and NC area

Is there a guide book or some advice of how to set up a week of whitewater kayaking in the Ga./ N.C. area that would be easy to arrange the trips in an orderly fashion.

I don’t know, but
I spend a lot of time up there and could help you if interested. Jack L knows the area even better than I do so with the help of a couple people we could likely give you details that no book could offer. Don’t hessitate to ask.


I’d check here
lot of southeast paddlers


just don’t mention that you’re a buttboater or things will take a wild turn.

Bettin’ g2d could help you out as well.

Have Fun
I’d definitely be putting the Chattooga, Ocoee, French Broad and Nolichucky on my list, water levels permitting. They were always my favorites when I used to yak down that way.

What Class?
What class of whitewater are you prepared to paddle and when are you planning to go?

North Carolina Rivers & Creeks, by Leland Davis. Excellent guide book. Despite the name, it also covers nearby stuff in SC/GA/TN.

American Whitewater’s web site also has lots of info.

Call NOC
The Nantahala Outdoor Center does several rivers in the area. They can advise you based on what you’ve done.