whitewater weight limits

I may have already asked this before, but does anyone know what the biggest weight capacity is for a whitewater kayak? I have a SOT, but am interested in getting a smaller creek/whitewater boat. The biggest I have found so far is 290#'s in the liquidlogic jefe grand.

Is there a place I can look? Is there someone who will custom make me one?

Remember that those are just
estimates, and that the upper limit stated for most ww kayaks is associated with degradation of performance.

I thing the Jackson Mega Rocker has the highest actual, functional limit. Haven’t seen a Jefe Grande.

also check out
Wavesport Disiel, Dagger Mamba, Jackson Super Hero and large Liquid Logix Remix.

Regardless of the capacity
if you are over 220lbs and/or tall, getting in and out of most of these boats can be a chore. You will definitely want to try one first. The Jackson Super Hero and the largest Liquid Logic (can’t remember the name) were the “most comfortable” when I tried them out.

Jackson Super fun, Super Hero and
Mega Rocker. also, check out the Pyranha Everest.


Fluid Solo L - NM.

Liquid Logic - Hoss (235lb)

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I'm 5'11 and 235 and the Hoss (a river runner) fits me perfectly. Actually, once I'm in dry suit and gear, I could stand to lose an extra inch or two off the waist/hips... in other words, no extra hip pads needed ;)

Like someone above hinted at, it's a bit of a chore to get into (one leg then the other) , but I have no issues with wet exiting.

Not proud of it but…
I am not proud of it, but I range between 240 - 260 (seasonally :-(. I paddle a Dagger Mamba 8.5 and it is very comfortable.

As would be expected, the boat is more responsive at 240 :slight_smile: The Mamba is a great boat for river running and light creeking.

The best advice is to search out demos, shops that will rent or let you demo, or group outings that could result in you being able to try out a boat first.

Good Luck


there’s some real big
real good OC-1 paddlers out there. Just a thought.

Good Point
Good Point. That would solve this guys weight issue.

I was with a group in NW ARK this last weekend and one of the best OC-1 paddlers I have ever seen was probably 290/6’4"

Buyer’s Guide
go to your library and see if they have Canoe and Kayak magazine - if so, look through thier annual buyer’s guide issue.

Or just see if you can order that issue from C&K direct.