whitewater with a large kayak

I have a 13’6" Aquafusion and was wondering if it is too big for light whitewater kayaking.

No, if you mean class 2.

on your skills as a paddler and your ability to read the water. I have used a Prijon Calabria on class I and moderate class II waters, no problem.

I’ve Done It
I’ve run class 4 on my 14’ Perception Illusion. I met a guy in AZ last year who runs class 4 in 15’ closed-cockpit kayak. I saw him on the Salmon, while driving, the year before.

white water

You obviously are going to get a wide specturm of answers here. You’ll notice that you used the word “mild”. Whitewater has been classed so you have some idea if you are capable of handling the conditions. There has been some slippage in classes as boats and paddlers ability have improved. So Class three was defined as having large waves capable of swamping an open boat. It is usually thought to be the upper limit of open boats that are not specially outfitted for heavier water. Your boat should handle the bigger waves well,but you may find that turning that baby to avoid holes and such could be a challenge. If you are considering a river that has a short drop that doesn’t require any moves and is main’y deep with a bunch of standing waves,you’ll probably do fine. If you are considering a small stream at flood with a bunch of stainers and tight lines,you could get killed. Whitewater without a roll poses special hazards and you shouldn’t run what you don’t want to swim. Finally, if you can’t roll you should have foatation in your boat and you should always wear a helmit. I’ve played in tidal rapids in an 18’ sea kayak, it was a fun in class ll water. I wouldn’t want to take my sea kayak into class 4. Finally, if you are interested in whitewater, hook up with a club or some people in your area. Most whitewater types have lots of extra gear and love to teach if for no other reason than watching newbies swim. Good luck,Frogge.

We saw a guy with a Prijon
run the Delhi Rapids on the Huron River yesterday.Plus 2 Pungos went through- the 2 guys didn’t have skirts on OR PFD’s mind you, but they still made it okay.This seems to be a great beginner class2+ rapid to run-everybody that tried it was able to make it through, even the Prijon.

What Prijon model
was he using? Don’t know the rapids mentioned, but both the Yukon and the Calabria can do Class II if you know what you are doing.

I think it was 5 Yukons did the Grand
Canyon in 5 days. Described in American Whitewater’s magazine.

Class Definitions
Technical difficulty can determine class designation as well as hydraulics. A shallow river with lots of rocks can easily be a class 3 or 4.

Not sure what model it was
I like others, were concerned that he wasn’t going to make it through without dumping but he looked like he knew what he was doing when he started out and made it.

13’ 3" was the only WW k-1 length in 70s
I’m dating myself but in my river running of the 70s everyone paddled a 3 meter boat; it was essentially the only commerical k-1 your could buy other than a 3.5 meter downriver k-1. They were slalom boats so they turned on a dime or two. I’d advise that you try some Class I or Class II and see what you and your boat are up for. Per other advise, follow good white water safety practices.