Whitewater with sit on top?

I have an Ocean Frenzy and an Ocean Yak Board which I have used to surf with. Could I take these boats down some rapids? I can handle the boats pretty good in surf but I’ve never done any rapids. These things turn on a dime and I use thigh straps but I was worried about slamming into rocks with my body instead of the boat. I don’t want to do any major rapids, just something a little exciting. Should I use a strap so the boat won’t leave me if I fall off? Thanks for your input!

So, find a class 1 and easy 2 river and
try your luck. I assume you’re aware of the SOTs specifically designed for WW, like the Torrent.

Actually, I’m not - I haven’t looked
at anything but surf kayaks. I just have always wanted to try some whitewater and didn’t want to have to buy new boats to try it out. Thought if I

liked it, I might look for something more suited for it.

I did it

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And did it with a much bigger boat than those. I used an Ocean Kayak Malibu II (using a seat with a back in the middle and thigh straps). It wasn't the brightest thing I've ever done, but there were safety boaters along to save my butt who were as curious about how things would turn out as I was.

We were all pleasantly surprised. Give it a try, but don't give it a try alone.

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I have a friend who took an Ocean Kayak Srambler XT on the middle New River in W.Va. when the water was high - huge waves- did great.

Not Frenzy

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The Frenzy, Malibu, and Scrambler have built in keels that do very strange things when they ground out. Maybe the Yakboard, Scupper, or Mars since they have flater hulls.

I am a big SOT fan, but I used inflatable kayaks for whitewater

Absolutely True
But not nearly so bad as what recreational kayaks with their humongous built in skegs do in funky WW currents, and I’ve done that too. So, it’s all a matter of perspective, and a general willingness to swim and lose stuff.

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If you can try and find a Perception Torrent SOT. It’s pretty much designed for WW. I was lucky enough to find a brand new one for $450 last month. I see people selling them for $500 used.

torrent or peguses
The torrent by perception or pegasus by dagger can do 2-3 class white water.i have freinds who do stuff like that all the time.

BUT 1. they have paddled there boats for many years. and know what the boat and paddler is capable of. they do use thigh straps.

2. i have paddled both but not in the class2+ and up. but can tell you theye are comfterable. and turn with little effert.

neither boat is made any more and i think there are other whitwater boats out there.( not sure of name or copanys) but if you can find one used it could be worth getting.