Who can view the comet tonight?

Sky is completely clouded here :’( Bummer, because it is usually clear and dark at night. The Milky Way was spectacular a couple nights ago.

What a great way to say goodbye to 2016, if you have binocs and a crisp, dark sky.

snowing yet again

I got almost 7" of rain last night. No comet watching here.

No comet watching. Snow yesterday and last night. Helios is smiling today, but not for long. Blobs of snow blowing off the trees and small craft warnings, so that takes care of my paddling hopes.

Every day I remember that we’re one day closer to spring. :slight_smile:

Seven INCHES of rain in one day?

Just a little snow here, a little more coming today, tomorrow…

The best part about January 1 is that each day is getting slightly more daylight. I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere between now and spring there should be a chance to do the old smash-thin-ice-into-tinkling-xylophone-bits fun paddle. To me, that is the real start of the new year.

Pikabike, you would love to see my current view from our balcony. The stars are extraordinarily bright, but first prize must go to the southern sky, where Mars, Moon and Jupiter are close together and blazing in a straight line. I had to phone the neighbours to alert them to the magic. (Mars was bright red, of course, even without binoculars)

Okay, the sky is clear; now where is this comet?

It is west at about sunset. Might be hard to find at that time and with Venus being extra-bright, or at least it looks brighter than usual.


Mostly Clear skies tonight, some high thin clouds… Venus and Mars visible right after sunset. In a line with the moon.

Looking between mars and the moon, about half the distance between Venus and mars using binoculars, a faint dot in about the right place but no tail, no smudge. I don’t think that’s it. Must be lost in the moon glow.