Who has a Kokatat Expedition dry suit?

What do you think of the hood? Does it really roll up adequately that it’s not in your way in mild conditions? Any other comments or observations about the suit would be appreciated. I know about the features, I’m just looking for feedback based on practical experience.

Earlier version
I have a few year old Expedition and am quite fond of it. The hood on mine is a bit bulky, though I can keep it rolled and out of the way. The newer ones have Paclite hoods which are much more compact.

I bought my wife a new Expedition suit a year or so ago, and she is very pleased with it.

I particularly like the sleeve pocket and overskirt.

I have one
I don’t roll up the hood, I just let it sit behind my head and never notice it until I need it. The hood is a bit small and will not fit over my protech helmet. Then again I have a big head with an xl helmet, the hood might fit over a smaller, lower profile helmet. I am staying out of the other thread justifying drysuits but I will say this here- that suit is the best piece of gear I own.

Pac-Lite Hood not a problem
I kinda roll it up, don’t get too fussy about it, and it doesn’t feel like it’s in my way.

love it! hardly ever roll the hood up. it does fit over a Sweet helmet perfectly.

gotta LOVE Kokatat!


Kokatat Dry Suit
The hood is not a problem I usually just leave it unrolled when I am not using it, it has never been in my way. Nice suit.

That’s exactly the type of info I was looking for. I guess I’ll be going with the Expedition rather than the Meridian.

I have the
Meridan suit. Inclement weather I have a gore-tex hat in my day hatch. I don`t like the idea of a hood; limits your field of vision, not a good thing out there in my opinion.

kok ex hood
I too am not a huge fan of ‘some’ hoods but the kok hood on the drysuit (and some of their other paddling jacs) is quite nice and very form fitting. I used to wear a Meridian and an OR sombrero and the floppy brim was a PITA in any kind of wind. My neck also got blasted. I finally committed to a EX with the hood and LOVE it.


MY Next
one will have a hood…and be a Kok Ex.

Best wishes


The hood never bothers me when I do not use it, it just hangs behind you (like on a regular anorak or coat), but keeps the wind out very effectively, your head is wind protected from 3 sides … although, as most of us know, while kayaking, the wind usually comes from the front! I recommend going with the hood! :slight_smile:

Hey Brian,

The hood is excellent but there are still many people that prefer no hood. I don’t wear it with a helmet and when helmet is on, it is rolled and secured with the velcro and loop in the back. It is possible to deploy this with one hand. Some water does collect but it does drain through the mesh drains front and back. Before that happens, it does feel cool on your upper back, don’t notice it in the front.

When I have used the hood in high winds - plus 25 knots, the hood needs to be cinched down otherwise it does catch the wind. That is probably to be expected.

What I love about the hood the most is that as soon as I am off the water, it goes on immediately. As stated by others, the hood is now made of Pac-lite and is soft and quiet when on, unlike the old style hoods which was noisy and cummbersome.