Who has a WS Tempest 180?

Going to demo one of these next week… Tell me about yours please… I am currently paddling an Impex Assateague.

I do. :slight_smile:
The 180 will be a similar feel to the A but bigger, a touch more stable (wider) and a whole different seat configuration. The tracking patterns will be similar.

good luck


I own one and love it. - GREAT BOAT
I have a Romany HV and a Tempest 180 and I paddle the Tempest 99% of the time.

The Tempest is rock solid and very stable while not trading off the sporty handling you’d expect from a performance boat.

The Tempest has a very comfortable seat, great deck rigging, has been very water-tight, and had no quality problems at all. I did order mine (and my wife’s T-165) without a bulkhead. We (flatpick did the work) installed the custom bulkhead and footpump upon delivery.


If you’re interested, I did a boat review of the boat a couple years ago. You can find that story at Wes Boyd’s Kayak Place at:


The story still holds true, the boat is as much fun today as it was then.

Good luck!


I do also
Mine is kevlar,nice and light for it’s size. Flatpick described it perfectly.