Who has most expensive kayak or surfski?

What is it?

And where do you keep it?

Priceless…I wouldn’t want to give up any of the boats I have.

Contenders, but I’m sure not winners (of the most expensive).
These are meant to be paddled, not hung on the wall as expensive decoration.

Sterling Progression seamless one-piece carbon kevlar lay-up

Sterling Reflection seamless (32lbs)

No prices mentioned, but I’m guessing approaching 10K

Where are these now?

I recently purchased a neglected, disheveled, older NDK Explorer for $600. It was fundamentally in OK shape so I replaced deck lines, fixed the rope skeg, added a keel strip, etc. I would be willing to sell it for some exorbitant amount, perhaps $9751.66, and thereby allow the purchaser to compete successfully in PaddleDog52’s ‘contest’ for most expensive kayak. I could raise the price (even retroactively) as needed to win.

My guess is that Nick Schade might be in the running.