Who has right of way?

Photo taken last Saturday during the King Tides at the Mill Valley bike path between Sausalito and Mill Valley, CA. The bike path is know to flood at high tides and during storms.

Does your state consider that navigable water? A bike path?
Sounds like a court case to me.

The rule of greatest tonnage definitely applies here. :wink: But damn, that bike’s sure going to scratch up your boat when the guy goes sprawling over the fore deck.

If they both had nav lights the bike would have RoW…
If yacht racing it would depend on wind direction.
I would say the person NOT wearing a helmet should give way…

The kayak being able to paddle backwards and the more maneuverable should yield RoW. However if the cyclist was on a fixie, Rule 17 (a) (ii) will prevail for tidal waters

As the attorney for the kayaker I’d argue that the bike is much more maneuverable as it can stop, turn, and accelerate much more quickly than the boat. “Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I implore you…”

Boater is guilty of trespass!
And the moving thing on the right has the ROW!

Boater is nuts and going to scrape the bottom of his/her boat which he/she deserves !

@JackL said:
Boater is nuts and going to scrape the bottom of his/her boat which he/she deserves !

It was a rental… :sunglasses:

I usually let things that can fall on me pass by.

Since the bike’s not a “vessel,” the kayak has ROW, although it looks like it’s grounded. What a dopey place to take such a nice boat.

Same goes for bikes as for cars and same as for boats
But at any four way stop you will see endless variations

I got more of a giggle out of the boat’s profile. If you ever had any questions about whether a smaller to medium woman is under the design weight for the Romany take a look at the bow sticking out of the water. That’s why I tend to load the boat 60% in front when I take out the Romany. To give me a fighting chance in wind.

I notice the rider is in clips. Over ground he can’t clearly see… more tolerance for going down than I would have.

The issue is not who has right of way…

The issue is why the kayaker, and the biker can’t seem to locate a suitable place to enjoy their sport; where neither would be in each other’s way?
In other words; neither are using much common sense.

I see a good pictorial that illustrates “it’s all about me”.

Make it “salt water” and everything changes… The kayaks would have the place all to them self.

What no one has considered yet is that it’s actually the PEDESTRIAN slightly out of frame that has right of way. Hip waders and all. Give her a fishing rod and it gets even more complicated.

v> @Celia said:

Jester, IMO you are getting a little too serious here. Note this may be your first post here so understandable.

He’s been around here just about from day one!
Good laugh for today as I feel like crud and needed it

OK - I tried but am not seeing a pedestrian. Did see the egret.

I deleted my post, assume this is an older Bob from what you said. Granted the Jester part gave me pause. But that name also showed a total of 8 visits, a recent join in late November and one other post. Other post also highly critical, albeit one I would agree with.
Sometimes a little caution is OK.

@Celia said:
OK - I tried but am not seeing a pedestrian. Did see the egret.

No? Look harder… maybe you need some more practice with those “Where’s Waldo” books. :slight_smile:

Ok, ok… the only pedestrian I was referring to was the one in my imagination. :stuck_out_tongue: