Who has the best Booties?

I need a new pair of Booties for my Sea Kayaking adventures. Gotta have a tough sole 'cause we often encounter oysters. Don’t need fleece-lined 'cause this is Florida. High tops would be good, although I’ve never tried them. I’ve narrowed it down to NRS or the local Dive Shop.

Any other good suppliers out there?


I had good luck…

…with my mountain surf socks. they are called socks, but they have a kevlar sole.

Check out Teva
They make paddling booties. I’ve been using their Proton model (mesh top, neoprene insole, rubber bottom, no straps) since 2003. Still on that first pair, though it’s probably toast after 2008.

The mesh top makes the Proton a good hot-weather bootie, though I use it for all but the coldest temps. I’ve worn it on an oyster shell beach near Seattle and it did fine. But I weigh less than 110 lbs, so you might want a beefier outsole.



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ir and/or keen
i like the IR ghetto booties…they have a removable outersole…that way they are low profile in the boat…but you can have protection when you need it…

the Keen booties…i have their basic pull ons…very comfy…


http://funkurl.com/fvxx Have had good luck with these in Fl.

Helly Hansen…

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...something or others. I can't remember what they're called, but I love mine! They are low tops, are made for things like trail running through water hazards, etc., and they have been close to perfect for sea kayaking. The heel box keeps my heels from hurting, the sole is stiff enough to keep my feet from hurting agains the footpegs, and they have a lining of screen in the uppers and the soles that empty any collected water out almost immediately. Sorry that I can't remember the name, but they are a low top version of the higher top sailing shoe they make. Sounds funky, but trust me--it has been worth the $90! Sounds like they'd be near perfect for what you're looking for. Also, they are not clunky, and don't have any trouble fitting into the narrowing cockpit.