Who has the Mad River Monarch mold?

Just wondering if any more of these can be built, if the mold still exists and is still serviceable.

Or who makes Mad River canoes?


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IF you found the mold, and got the owner to make a new Monarch; that's probably where the problems would start.

Would you be doing all the finish work yourself?
Would you do the paint job?
Where would you go to get the parts & hardware necessary to finish it?

I'm betting the cost would be pushing $3,000.00 before it was truly a "finished" project. Probably more.........

Willing to invest that much?
Would it be worth what it cost?
Probably not, but you could sell the Monarch you already have to help finance the new one I guess.

Sounds like it would be more fun to go tilting at windmills........


The cost of retooling the mold. Likely many thousand dollars

And the mold may not even live at Confluence. Old molds often are elsewhere than with the original company

$3000 for a new Monarch = reasonable.
New Krugers go for over $7000.

New Superior Expeditions (if they’re still being made) go for about $4000.

Clipper Sea 1 goes for about $3500.

The Monarch is great for day paddling, not just expeditions. The same can be said for the Sawyer Loon.

I think competition with current
products from Kruger and Superior/Sawyer are big reasons, as well, but both of those builders have waiting lists over a year long.

In a cornditch??
I’m just yanking your chain :slight_smile:

I agree. Its pretty good just on little twisty rivers with a gentle enough radius.

Muddy corn ditches : )