Who has the Sawyer Loon Mold?

Just wondering if any more of these can be built, if the mold still exists and is still serviceable.

The website for Superior Canoes doesn’t seem to exist anymore. Scott at Superior had it an most of the other Sawyer molds the last I knew.

one of the
Pad owners

Should I know what that means?

Scott may still have them
I’ve pinged his brother Mike on Facebook to see what’s up. I think the Scott muttered something at Quiet Water this year about building some more. On the other hand I’m usually pretty scattered by the day of the event.


No one should ever know what datakoll means.


uh you claim to know ?
know what ? only readers with the key know…

crossing fingers
I have had my fingers crossed for a loooong time hoping someone would snap some more of these out.