who here is also an astronomer?

I’m curious to know what you take along when you go overnighting, if the sky’s are cooperative?

Amature Astronomer
For car camping trips I will sometimes bring a small 80mm f-6 Stellarvue Nighthawk scope and a set of different eye pieces that allow me to use the scope as a daytime spotting scope too.


Limited space is always a problem. I also sometimes use a large pair of Fujinon Polaris 10x70 binoculars.


I lay on my back in an open field with binoculars…but that isn’t what you meant.


I’m a Cancer
What’s your sign?

I’m a Snake
Chinese astrology :wink:

I’ve written off astronomy as a
pseudo-metaphysical field of study since Pluto was defrocked.

What’s next- Venus; Mars; is our Sun a real star or will the definitions change and we’ll have to move to a different galaxy or alternative universe or dimension?

See- now you’ve gotten me all emotional and I will be dysfunctional today.

I once was talking to a Chinese friend

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about a guy who cut in on his best friend's girl friend. "He's such a dog!" I said.

"No-o-o!" he intoned. "He's a monkey, not a dog."

hey Jim, that’s perfectly valid!
that’s one of my favorite things to do…binocular observing. I’d love nothing more than to have a pair of 25x100’s on a stable mount to observe with.

binocular’s are an astronomer’s best friend and first line tool of attack. we’re lost without them!

I accept Pluto’s discontinuance…
might be harder for old timer’s who’ve always known it as a planet, but the new definition of what a planet is makes sense to me…and being that Pluto doesn’t own it’s orbit, it can’t be a planet. that and the fact that there are other rocks out there with moons makes it more reasonable for the rock called Pluto, that has moons, to become a rock.

but that’s just my opinion. I kinda laugh at all the hubbub it’s caused. in the end, I really could care less what’s a planet and what’s not.