Who is the manufacture of my pre-1972 aluminum canoe?

I’m new here and I’m looking for advise. I have had this canoe for over 20 years and now I want to sell it but I keep getting ask who made it? The only ID is the plate that is pictured. I called Grumman but they didn’t think it was their canoe. Can anyone solve my puzzle?

The only other name that comes to mind is Alumacraft - their lineup has changed over the years, but the way the seats are constructed for example does make it look like that’s a good guess as to the maker.

Might be an Aerocraft. I believe they made aluminum canoes sold by Sears back in those days. Take a look at the photos in this old post and see what you think:


Some other makers of aluminum canoes of that era include Michicraft and Osagian.

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In case you wanted confirmation, it’s definitely not a Grumman, and it doesn’t look like an Alumacraft to me either.

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Yes I think Aerocraft is the winner by the looks of things

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I hope you get this but i believe i have the same canoe. The logo on the side says DUO with a propeller as part of the logo. If you have any more info besides that I’d love to know. Mine sat in my grandparents yard for 15+ years and collected water and debree but i cleaned her up and she still floats great.

17ft AeroCraft Apache from the pictures I have looked at.

These are the only photos i have at the moment but i believe they are identical, minus the modifications i did.


I have been looking for the manufacturer of my canoe and it has the same Capacity Plate, albeit more worn.

Mine also does not have any other markings.

One difference though, mine has webbed seats.