Who made my canoe??

got this canoe off CL. its a 13ft fiberglass. someone painted it with I think latex paint which is pealing off. The under coat is a mock birch look. It has metal gunwales and it looks like someone added the plastic bow / stern cap/handels. Any ideas who made this canoe?




HIN number
Look for a Hull Identification Number molded into the hull just under the gunwale on the right side behind the stern seat. Probably under the stern cap and covered with the sprayed on red paint. If it starts with XTC its Old Town. Just report back when you find the number and someone will tell you the mfr or give the link to the site where all the HIN codes are listed. The end caps are easily available items from Old Town used on the Discovery series and lots of others. Does not mean Old Town built this hull. It looks like dozens of fiberglass hulls built by many different companies. The length and width and height at bow and stern will help.


who made my boat
thanks! I’ll get and post that info! Also looking to paint it if you have any paint suggestions. Also the bracket holding the Bow cane seat broke. Trying to figure out a way to get that solid again. Maybe through bolt it to the gunwales? Having metal gw is tough.

I cannot tell
you what hull this is. Be waiting for the I.D. number. Those molded deck plates w/ carrying inserts look pretty generic. My guess is that someone added the seats and carrying yoke later. That kind of hull usually had molded seats and alumn.thwarts as well.

How are the brackets attached currently if not already bolted to the inwale? Can you send pics of the brackets?


The decks/carry handles
look like the ones that came on my Old Town Appalachian. That does necessarily mean it is an Old Town, they could have been sourced from the same place or salvaged. And, it is not an Appalachian.


End caps and seat hangers
This canoe is not a match for the end caps. Notice the gap between the plastic and the aluminum gunwale. I figure this canoe had the end caps, seats and yoke all replaced. The end caps are Old Town and were only used on hulls with thick vinyl gunwales. This canoe reminds me of several inexpensive Canadian fiberglass canoes that had thin fiberglass end caps, metal seat hangers and aluminum framed seats with lawn chair webbing. The gunwales and the strap metal seat hangers look original. You can tell for sure by looking for extra holes thru the gunwales where the seat hangers attach and rivet heads that are different and cleaner. The simplest replacement hanger for this seat would be the metal adjustable seat hangers Wenonah uses on their solo canoes. They slip up against the side of the gunwale and rivet thru the gunwale. They are slotted and are adjustable for angle and seat height. The seat gets screws set into the ends of the frame and the screw shanks ride in the slots of the seat hangers. The heads of the screws go between the seat hanger and the hull and keep the assembly together. Look at a Wenonah solo with the adjustable seat hangers and you’ll see how it all works. The usual dowel hangers or arch frames will be hard to use here, because the usually attach vertically thru a wood or vinyl inwale.


what is my canoe
Hi all thanks for the input! The end caps make sense to be not right for this canoe there is a gap with a bit of threading from screws showing in between plastic and metal. as for the seats I think they are original. I notice no other holes anywhere. They aren’t to great either because i put some weight on them my first ride (i fidget a lot) and busted the rivet on one side. I did a quick fix with some zip ties. Here’s a photo to see the close up. I drilled the one hole in the gun to hold zip.



the old owner painted outside with latex paint. also painted the gunwales for some reason. I suppose knowing where she came from isn’t my biggest project. I need to re paint the outside with some marine oil based paint. Also the inside where the fiberglass is starting to come up (and be itchy!) I was pointed towards Bilge Paint (bilgekote) for that job.

However any other suggestions from you folks would be wonderful!

Joe made your canoe lol nm