Who made this kayak?

Sorry, unable to post image, but I have a two man, canvas kayak. 17ft long, 36" beam. cockpit opening is eight feet by 2ft and it has a sail rig to attach to it.

Very neat cast alloy rudder, with wood tiller, lee boards etc.

I can find no images or details online anywhere.

No markings on boat or fittings. ANY help, names of wood/canvas sail rig boats will be a help.


you really need to get an image here
Figuring it out without a picture is as close to impossible as you can get.

That would be my first guess.

It may also be an old Folboat

Klepper or Folbot
Do some Google searches for “Klepper” and “Folbot” and I bet you will find a photo that matches what you have. In fact, somebody was selling a vintage two-man Folbot with sail rig on Ebay this week. Folbots are more common in the US than Kleppers, but they look similar and many have no brand markings.

There is even a forum for people who like the old Folbots. Mostly they are known for making folding boats but some of the others were wood frame and canvas skin and did NOT fold – that may be what you have found.