Who made this?

Inherited this from a friend’s wall who passed in '06, in Canmore, AB.

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Is it a canoe paddle? A photo of the entire object would provide better information to identify it.

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Thanks, rookies can only post one pic…

Appears to be custom made or at least the artwork is. Nothing like it on the internet that I could find.

Ummm. Impeccably made as in shaped and the clear-coat

You might try posting on myccr.com since there are more Canadians on that site that might have some insight.

thanks, good idea

Just for fun I used google image search. Something about STAR WARS JEDI order Rebel Alliance logo (available on Amazon) but more goose oriented. Rather fun, now back to what I was supposed to be doing.

It did glow as I once raised it in self-defence…

It’s an otter-tail paddle (most paddles are broader and shorter beaver-tail blades). I have a very similar one made of cherry from Redtail Paddles, a Canadian maker, that I bought from Umingmaq Paddle Touring Center in Northern Wisconsin. I agree it could be a home made with a personalized design on it, possibly taken from First Nations’ imagery.

Thanks. It’s a 64.5" so if it’s homemade someone tall made it lol.

I’ve got a Redtail too, my fav, with a gold etched logo. Too tall it was, so I shortened it, switched to a mushroom grip. The grip I twisted a bit and nailed it (figuratively) -perfect angle. No one else gets to paddle this one :slight_smile:

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Whoa, that is a loooong paddle. Maybe for a midget’s SUP?

You could use it as a “peel” to shove pizzas into a very deep brick oven.

That paddle has far more power than an ordinary light saber. Think Infinity Orb.

Have you determined whether it is a Quill or Ray’s Special?

Have you used it yet?

Tom, Not either of those, I’d looked at their site. I’ve used it a bit not much, it’s too long. So I’m waiting for a tall sea nymph to show up alongside my canoe and so I can entice her with her own beautiful paddle.

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Not sure we can midget anymore. Looong-paddle-challenged person.

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Classic Ray Kettlewell paddle
I have a few
Worth bucks


Well sun of a gun. You found me the maker. Nice. Looks like there’s some history to this guy.