who makes Coleman canoes

HI all from a person about to purchase a canoe.

I saw a canoe at Duham’s today. The sale last until thur. May 17th.So I ahve to find information. quickly.

They have a Coleman canoe 15’ 5" or it could have been 16’ for a sale price of $ 279.00 .

I was looking at the Old Town’s Discovery 16’ 9"

but$499.00 but when I went in to Bass Pro they raised the price by $100.00 dollars So I’m still looking

I tried to read up on canoes and found I need at least 16 footer with a flat bottom and flared sides.

My question is are most of these canoes made by one manufacture? I won’t be trying to ware the paint off one,Just an ocatioanl use. But I don’t want to buy a dangerous canoe either!

do they make differant skin thickness?

I take all the information you can give me



Think they are the same as Pelican.
I’d go for the Old Town Guide before the Coleman. Good stable canoe and can be found for under $500, at least in Houston.

I have a
canoe made by Pelican and its a Coleman. For 279.00 thats a good price. I have owned it for over 5 years and it gets used almost daily. I have never had a problem with it either. Its a great canoe for a starter. I have paddled other canoes and to me they didnt seem as stable as my Pelican. I know others here will smack talk the Colemans but in my opinion its a awesome canoe. For that price i just may have to go to Dicks again and get another one. I paid 400 when i bought mine 5 years ago. I wonder if the Dicks near me have that same sale going on???

I’d still spend the extra bucks on the
Guide or go buy a good used canoe. The Coleman/Pelican is a heavy boat. As for stability, not all canoes are made for the same purpose. Other than being cheap, I’m not sure what the purpose of the Coleman/Pelican is, paddling pleasure isn’t one of them.

i know it serves my purposes really well. very stable, paddles nice, and ive taken it out all over the place…even lake michigan. it is a little heavy but it doesnt bother me. What i cant figure out is why is it everyone knocks these canoes? I like it more the any other canoe i have paddled. Ive tried ALOT of them and the pelican is to me the safest. Its wide and stable enough that i do alot of fishing in it standing up. Has lots of room for 3 people and all the needed gear.

Just my .02 worth though.

Hi Robert
I think the best thing is to make a list of the ways you want to use the canoe.

As an example: Do you want it strictly for fishing? floating lazily in a calm lake? Taking kids out? Active dog in the boat? Any rivers? Are the rivers you want to paddle slow and mellow or winding and swift, etc.? How often do you “think” you might use it, and of course, where do you plan to use it most often? (i.e. what conditions).

There are LOTS of canoes out there that are sturdy, safe and inexpensive. Get the canoe that 1. fits your application (conditions / location you’ll use it most and carrying capacity) and 2. fits your budget. USED is a great way to go. It’s easier to not have to be the guy that put the first scratch in the hull!

If you feel the Pelican/Coleman is the way to go, then go for it. If you decide next year that you want to venture into rivers that are remote and you need a lighter boat so you can carry it easier? Then get a another one suited to that too! :slight_smile:

Have fun, and be safe on the water!


I’ve got one of the heavy canoes.
Its better than a Coleman by a long shot, but it sits in dry dock most of the time because of its weight and the fact that solo, its no fun to paddle in a wind. Even with two, its still no fun to lift it up on the rack. Go lighter whenever possible.

Coleman Canoe
Hello all my canoe friends

Well I have decided to go with the Coleman canoe from Dunham’s!

It’s 15.5 weighs about 78 lbs.

I only need it for touring a small inland lake.

now and then The price is right $ 279. plus tax thats under $300.00. It has a built in cooler in the middle seat. Just right for an old man

Thanks to all of you who answered my help note.


i think…
youll be happy with it! keep us informed.

I paddled a Coleman for years. It’s a notch above paddling a bath tub.

In a few months, you’ll be wanting to
paddle elsewhere, you’ll be back.

The price is right!
Have a good time. I think you’ll enjoy your purchase.

Better to start paddling, than not…
My first canoe was a Coleman, and I was

approaching middle age, somewhere back then.

I used it for fishing, and then some general

paddling for recreation. I knew I expended a

lot of work when paddling for fun, but I felt

that I could use the exercise. Loading and unloading

it onto a pickup truck, and carrying it around was

an experience that I didn’t need. It was heavy!

There are other canoes that are more efficient to

paddle around, and also others that are much easier

to load, unload, and carry around.

Enjoy your paddling good times, and remember,

if you get too many aches, you can always move up.

You won’t be the first…

Coleman Canoes
Colemans are great family boats. Very stable and that’s important with young kids in the boat. Used one with my family for years. Still have it in the yard. Now I use a solo canoe(OT Pack). I keep it for other families who want to borrow it and try it out on there families. Great way to get others interested in paddling. Good Luck and Happy paddling