Who makes the best bilge pump?

Title of the post says it all.
I see several on the market and most seem pretty low quality, cheaply made, with a lot of small plastic parts that seems likely to break at the time you’d need it. Very typical of the low end of Chinese made production.

So. are there any hand pumps out there that are what you’d call “high quality”?

The only one I know of with replaceable parts.

Beckson end of story. The rest are Chinese junk.

I rinse it and once in a while 303 inside when dry. 12 years old tough as nails no fancy sales BS like Chinese junk. Just threw out Seattle Sports one month ago. Handle pulled out plastic body cracked from being in a dock box. When I went for few lessons at kayak shop instructor said what did you sell him that junk for? It was Seattle Sports pump. I bought the Beckson when I left online. They didn’t have the float back then. I bought one with the float too. Bungee on it with a Scotty Clip to deck line.

Even though it floats I don’t need to be chasing it.

I second this. Although I love my chimp pump because of how great it is to pump out with my skirt on while in rough water, unfortunately I don’t think they are used anymore. Foot pumps are also great but then someone else couldn’t use it if they wanted to pump you out. I think you can get skirts with a tube in them to pump out but I haven’t looked at those before.

Third in line for beckson pump. I was so pissed when I lost mine this year. Had it for 10+ years, and it was just as smooth as the day I bought it until my stupid @$$ lost it.

Yes. The grey ones with the red handle.

Honestly, those cheap squirt guns from the dollar store work great, the ones that look like a stick you pump…they are cheap, light and who cares if you lose it …plus you can play while paddling :joy:…try one out they work pretty awesome :+1:

Cheap rescue equipment is never cheap if you need it.

When you need something and it breaks you do what?

What’s your life worth a cheap pump?

I agree with Paddledog about safety equipment. You don’t always need (and sometimes can’t afford) the very best, but NEVER get anything that’s simply not very good. Even if you are not killed, having a failure in your equipment when your life in hanging in the balance is an awful experience.


Guys on Boston Whaler forum talking about using throwable square PFDs cushions for boat fenders. How good they work GMAFB. :roll_eyes: buy a fender they last twenty years and way longer.

Nope, but I also don’t drive the safest car known to man, safest motorcycle, probably best life jacket, tools, ladders you name it…if I’m counting on my bilge pump to save my life I have bigger problems to worry about, I would concede if I was kayaking the Bering Sea or something crazy I would want the best most expensive everything I could find, sometimes you make due with what you got, I’d rather have a cheap one my kids don’t use then none at all, buy whatever you wish…I know personally after looking at Dicks, Dunham’s and Cabela’s in the past month they only had electric bilge pumps. I wanted to buy one myself for in the kayak, they simply didn’t have hand pumps so I need to order one or go without one.

Beckson is the cheapest. It will last year’s after even a Seattle Sports pump.

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