Who makes these wheels ?

Anybody know the company that makes these wheels … (on the right in the photo. There is no name on frame or wheels.)


I’m trying to find 3.0-4 replacement tubes and can find them listed on the internet but not sure I’m getting the right size tube to fit the tires.

Did you look at Northern Tools
Hard to say. Your local Northern Tools store may have it or may direct you to a company that does.


Believe it or not ACE hardware
… at least the one down here in P.B. usually has tons of different sizes of tubes. I have been using my tires like that with 0 air in them for a couple years now because I guess I always forget to patch them when I come back and in a rush to get out so … the story goes.

Those look like the inflatable Primex wheels that are now sold by Roleez (makers of the “baloon” tires). A link is at http://www.roleezwheels.com/wheels-beach.php . Scroll down to “Conventional Black Wheels”.

Greg Stamer

wheels for boats
If you don’t find the info I will be back at work tomorrow and can send it to you…kim

Now to find ACE Hardware
There used to be one in Leucadia but Home Despot put them out of business. Thanks for the tip Pat.