who makes this canoe paddle?

I tried out a paddle and I loved it. Doh! I can not remember the maker. She said she got it in Eley MN. It is sort shaped like the BB viper but it less of a bend ans sort of spoon-bladed. What is it, and where can I get one?

That would be a Sawyer Manta

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I love this paddle too, don't have one but have built a few patterned after it. Also made in a straight shaft.


not it
That one is close, but the paddle in question was made by a one man outfit.

Double whisky?

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I think Whiskeyjack paddles are what you are looking for. The double whiskey is a double bend paddle.

Yes, probably whiskeyjack paddles
The link below is probably the one you paddled with. Piragis in Ely carries this model but not the Double Whiskey model.


I saw them at Canoecopia. I agree, REALLY nice paddle. Much nicer than any that Sawyer makes.

the whiskey has a cool lamination look, but it is not that paddle. I must put a notebook in the boat, so I can write these things down.

other paddle makers?
The whiskeyjack paddles are beautiful. I like the wood look so much better than the composite paddles. Sure I would like one of the synthetics too, however wood probably spend limited resources on wood if and when… But, I was wondering if any of you can recommend other wood paddle makers that also make high end paddles? Thanks.