Who Makes this Kayak?

I became the third owner of this 16’ x 25" fiberglass SOT in need of restoration. The second owner does not know much about this kayak except that they purchased from a guy who sailed back with it from Hawaii. Nobody knows how old this kayak is, but second Owner had for about 8 years.

Kayak is 16’ x 25" and weights about 40+ pounds. It has a moulded in cockpit, much like a surfski. However, it also has two strapped on hatches that open directly into the interior cavity of the boat. The hatches are basically just strapped on cover plates that used to cover stretched-on neoprene covers (which I suspect is the real water barrier.). These covers are missing and I need to find some replacements.

The cockpit has one moulded in recess with a straight tubular steel or aluminum handle along with adjustable sliding foot pedals controlling a skeg rudder. There is also a 4" circular hatch.

The boat’s finish is badly deteriorated but there are traces of blue on the deck and hull appears to be all white.

Aside from having come over from Hawaii on a sail boat, the only other clue is a badly deteriorated decal which I could just barely make out what looks like “Cuda”.

Sorry for the sketchy information, but I’m hoping someone might know something about this boat’s manufacturer. (Checked with a couple of shops out here in California and nobody has even seen one of these.)

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Tom Holtey who runs the website used to live in Hawaii and work for a kayak shop there. I believe I have heard of a Barracuda sit-on-top made in Hawaii, but I don’t know anything about it.

post some pictures?

Sounds a bit like a Seda Revenge

I think there was a small co in Hawaii called Barracuda that made sit on tops. I saw one at Lake Natomas in Sacramento a long time ago. As I remember, it looked kind of like a fiberglass Necky Dolphin. I remember searching the internet and not being able to find any info.